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Specializing in Advanced Radioscopic Techniques

At Level 3 Associates we offer advanced radioscopic techniques such as Real Time,  DR and CR as well as Micro Focus Radioscopy. Our X-ray inventory includes various tubes ranging from low to high energy ( 50 Kvp to 400 Kvp) and focal spot sizes sizes as low as 7 microns for superior magnification and high resolution detail.


 Our digital capability allows us easy mobility to conduct laboratory inspections at your facility as well. A wide range of materials have been successfully examined using our radioscopic techniques, such as weldments of different thicknesses, racing car tires and cotton bales looking for FOD just to name a few. We have the advanced equipment, expertise and in-house technical support to examine your product and deliver the results that you need in a timely fashion.

Radiography Applications Laboratory

  • Digital CR, DR and Real Time Radiography​​

  • Micro-focus x-ray tubes for superior magnification detail and definition​

  • X-ray tubes rated up to 420 Kvp and 1​

  •  Large X-ray vault rated at less than 2mr @ 500Kvp                          

  •  X-ray Cabinet systems​

  • Automated X-ray System Design​

  • (L3A x-ray capabilities are digital only, we do not use film or isotope gamma sources)


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