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We are capable of providing for all of your Ultrasonic Inspection needs.

We test a wide array of parts, materials, and components in our ultrasonics lab. Our capabilities in this method include Conventional and Phased Array testing techniques as well as technique development on new parts. We can perform:


Ultrasonic Inspection

  • Thickness/Material Velocity measurements

  • Corrosion Analysis, remaining wall thickness

  • Welding Inspection

  • Composite Inspection, Bonding Integrity Analysis

  • Flaw detection and characterization, Longitudinal and Shear wave        

  • A,B & C Scan portable data acquisition and analysis systems

  • Phased Array Inspection with Software Analysis, manual and immersion (Omni Scan MX, Focus LT, and TomoView Analysis software trained)


Approved training partner for Olympus EPOCH.

Our strong relationship with Marietta NDT affords us the opportunity to acquire the latest state of the art advanced UT Immersion Tank Systems and the AG-2 large overhead 10 axis two bridge squirter system for the inspection of composite materials.


Our systems use powerful UT units like the OmniScan and Focus LT operating in Conventional or Phased Array mode. Data is analyzed using the TomoView Data Acquisition and Analysis Software.

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